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You can find on this site detailed information on the new scientific developments on Life Expectancy, Life Extension and on Healthy Aging. You can read about Calory Restriction, Life Extension Drugs, Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Social Life, Sport and all ways to Healthy Long Life. For the RECENT scientific articles read my BLOG.

You will find also a list with recommended by us books on life extension

Check now the BOOKS PAGE: All you can READ and start by reading the strategy for radical life extension by Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

We are following the scientific articles, doing own research, writing publications in peer-reviews international journals and collecting funds for our new research centre. I am preparing also other interesting and usefull sites, apps and i-books for you. "Who wants to live forever?" Or just till hundred, as my father would be this year. This site and my coming book and app on how we can easily succeed in it, are dedicated to him.

Use now the QR Scan and download our free app "Healthy Long Life" Healthy Long Life app or see my app about news in the European parliament. The next one is coming.

Until I am busy reading, writing, organising new research, you may follow the frequently updated news and discussions on the special Facebook group I created "Closing the life expectancy gap" as thousands members and supporters from around the world do. See also my comprehensive, updated 2012-2014

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This way you will stay informed on the latest scientific research on life extension and healthy aging, new information on super centenairians and life expectancy, on health issues and aging diseases. We all want to stay healthy and live long, long life!

I will collect for you nice links to recommended books and health products, to subscribe for sport and excercise facilities and much more, just to make you well prepared for your long healthy life.

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You still don't know me: "Lilia Lens-Pechakova has completed her MSc and PhD at Sofia University, Bulgaria, Biotechnology Department. She was elected as UNESCO fellow in Chemical Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department Life Sciences, Japan and made postdoctoral studies at Catholic University Leuven, Belgium, Pharmaceutical Faculty and University of Antwerp, Chemical Department. As a senior researcher at the University of Sofia she worked for twenty years on drug design and synthesis of antiviral, anticancer and anti-AIDS agents and taught Applied Organic Chemistry to the students of the Department Biotechnology. Until recently she was an independent publisher, also of an Internet magazine, dedicated to the popularization of recent scientific research on longevity and healthy aging with a few hundred posts and thousands of readers. She is the author of more than 30 peer-reviewed papers in international scientific journals, 15 patents and Bulgarian authorís certificates, more than 20 presentations on International symposiums. Since 2009 she is a dedicated scientific researcher and advocate of life extension research and created on the social media popular longevity international and national groups with thousands members. She is currently serving as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board in Lifeboat Foundation, she is a member of Editorial boards of Journals on Ageing research, an Honorary member of the International Longevity Association and Director of the UNESCO fellows alumni group."

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Specially collected from me thorough information on the scientific ways to life extension, pls refer to me and my Japanese lecture, as Calory Restriction, Life Extension Drugs, Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Social Life, Sport and other possible ways to Healthy Long Life you can find here:

Calorie restriction Life extension drugs Genetic Engineering Cloning

Nanotechnology Robotics Social Life Sport

Some links to specialised scientific magazines Nature , Science and Europe Health news if you want to read further:

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